Smart Home & Smart City

Smarter living thanks to remote monitoring

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KPN aims to connect all of the Netherlands, not just people, but also houses, buildings and objects. Making houses and cities smarter makes it possible to monitor and control various devices remotely, freeing up more time for the important things in life.

Smart Home
Switching your lights on and off. Keeping an eye on your home using your smartphone. And heating the house before you come home. All of these examples are no longer the stuff of science fiction. More and more household appliances are connected thanks to the Internet of Things, making life not only easier, but also safer and more eco-friendly.

We believe in the power and benefits of a smart home. Our new KPN SmartLife portfolio makes life a little bit easier with smart services for in and around the home. This includes a Smart Security Solution with an app that sends a message if your home has unwanted visitors. And when you’re on holiday, KPN SmartLife Safe offers the possibility to have specialists from the Trigion security company stop by your home. Coming home to a warm house is possible thanks to KPN SmartLife Comfort. The KPN SmartLife portfolio is currently being expanded with relevant services aimed at greater convenience, safety and quality of life.

With KPN, there is no need to worry about your privacy. All data is stored securely in a local data centre. You own this data, which means that you are the only one who decides what is done with it. KPN cannot access your data and will not use it for any purpose.

KPN SmartLife Safe

Smart City

But we also invest in improving lives in cities by making them smart. Smart cities use ICT and digital applications to make the city more attractive and services more efficient. More and more people, machines and objects are connected to the internet and generate data. Combining this data brings smart applications within reach. This makes it possible to, for example, regulate traffic flows in the city, make savings in waste collection, direct automobilists to free parking spaces and improve air quality.

Sounds futuristic? It’s not! Thanks in part to applications invented in our Technology Labs, Amsterdam is a great example of a city on its way to becoming the number one Smart City in Europe. Our infrastructure and connectivity also help smart projects in The HagueRotterdam and Eindhoven progress.

This includes flexible street lighting in which lampposts can be switched on and off remotely in real time and the development of the smart bus concept. KPN is very enthusiastic about this bus, which lets emergency personnel hear and see exactly what is taking place inside the bus and its location with only one press of a button.

KPN has the network to develop such applications, because a stable and safe infrastructure are essential. But that’s not all. The collection, unlocking, management and analysis of large quantities of data are giving rise to all kinds of new questions – on a practical level, but also for instance in the area of legislation. The experts at KPN have the answers, making us able to offer services that help cities grow.

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