We fight cybercrime through innovation

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In a time in which information can end up on the street at any time, innovation is our weapon for making the Netherlands even safer.

Whether we like it or not, increasingly more confidential information is sent over the Internet. Society wants to be able to trust that ICT service providers transport data traffic safely and carefully. We want to offer our customers – government, corporate and citizen – that confidence at all times and places. That is why specialist teams in the KPN Security Operations Center (SOC) monitor our networks and systems, as well as customer data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Broad product portfolio
But we do more than that. Our broad portfolio of services and products for all sectors of society shows that we prioritise safety and privacy – and will continue to do so. This includes sophisticated services for the central government, police and defence forces, extremely secure data centres and firewall, anti-virus and anti-spam products for companies. We also offer a wide range of distinctive and innovative services related to Identity and Access Management and Business Continuity.

Klaas Dijkhoff, State Secretary for Security and Justice, visiting the KPN Security Operations Center, the largest security centre in the Netherlands.

Working together for a safer Netherlands
In making the Netherlands safer, we also join forces with innovative companies, government agencies and knowledge partners, both here at home and abroad. A great example of this is the recent investment of our investment fund, KPN Ventures, in EclecticIQ. This Amsterdam security scaleup is using a system to detect cyber-attacks, so that it can stop attackers before damage is done. This is an initiative we strongly endorse and are happy to support with a capital injection.

Protection against blackmail
KPN New Business also develops innovative cybersecurity applications. Think of software that in case of blackmail is preventing (malicious) users accessing user data. This is one example of how we use innovation as a weapon to make the Netherlands continuously safer together with our partners.

Want to learn more about KPN’s leading role in cybersecurity? Also check out the solutions developed by KPN Security Services and view our cybersecurity file.

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