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Thanks to KPN, the Internet of Things is now available to all companies

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KPN enables all companies to take advantage of the Internet of Things. No one really knows what direction the Internet of Things will take, but one thing is certain: it will have a major impact on our daily lives, whether noticeably or not.

From a garbage truck that only picks up waste when the waste container indicates that it is full. Street lights that switch on when someone passes them. Dikes that can be monitored remotely through smart sensors. Cows with a chip so that the farmer can monitor the health of livestock remotely. All are good examples of the Internet of Things (IoT) – smart connections over the Internet between all aspects of our daily lives.

Global premiere
At KPN, we strongly believe that the IoT can make the Netherlands a better place to live and work. KPN has even developed various IoT networks to this end, including 2G, 3G and 4G and, most recently, the LoRa network, each with unique features and properties. LoRa is an energy-efficient wireless network that connects devices that send small amounts of data over long distances.

1 hour IOT-Workshop by Internet of Things Academy

Leading edge
With the development of the LoRa network, KPN now has a broad range of IoT networks, giving the IoT community a tremendous leading edge. Whereas 3G and 4G, for instance, are primarily used to transport larger amounts of data in real time, LoRa was developed to send small amounts of data over long distances. This makes it more cost-effective to connect every type of device to the Internet. This advantage is being furtherly developed through KPN Ventures and KPN New Business by either investing or collaborating, respectively, with young technology companies. We also combine our strengths with more than 200 partners to develop IoT solutions more quickly and participate actively in the IoT Academy. Together we invest in a better, more sustainable and safer society.

KPN promotes IoT partner ecosystem
The LoRa network is the 'steering wheel' of the Internet of Things. And we operate that wheel together with our partners, customers and end users. Together we create a unique ecosystem for the Internet of Things. We are also one of the initiators of the Internet of Things Academy, together with RDM Makerspace. At the Academy, organisations can learn how they can help the country progress with the Internet of Things.

See www.kpn.com/iot for more successful IoT projects and the possibilities of IoT at KPN.

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