Innovative cloud solutions form the essence of the 24-hour economy

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In a world in which time and location are losing significance, our innovative Cloud solutions are creating the workplace of the future.

The 24-hour economy in which there are no longer fixed workplaces is rapidly approaching. That is why KPN supports fellow countrymen with innovative solutions that let them work whenever and wherever they desire. Not only that, but we also help them through our WebsiteCoach to achieve their online goals, such as the creation of a professional website.

Office 365 & KPN data centres
Our innovative Cloud solutions, like Office 365, give employees, employers and the self-employed the certainty of 24/7 access to their files from any location. We also offer companies with higher server capacity needs the possibility to store their data safely in our data centres. Consequently, these companies can avoid the risk of losing access to their data when a power failure occurs. And with ten data centres across the Netherlands, there is a centre close to every company.

Managed Hybrid Cloud
Managed Hybrid Cloud offers larger organisations (with more than 150 employees) various solutions in the field of Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud (CloudNL) en Public Cloud. In combination with Cloud Connect, Cloud Compliance and Cloud Control, we offer various co-location and hosting solutions that vary from leasing a part of our data to the complete outsourcing of all services to KPN. With the Innovative Application Factory, KPN is responding to a rapidly increasing demand for support in the development and management of Cloud applications using Managed Hybrid Cloud.

Want to learn more about our Cloud portfolio?
Here you can learn all about how KPN is helping fellow countrymen to work safely whenever and wherever they desire.

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