Kpn ventures invests in entrepreneurial talent

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KPN Ventures joins forces with start-ups in order to accelerate the development of ideas, products and applications that help our customers get ahead.

We live in a world in which new technologies are surpassed by even more innovative technologies at a dizzying pace.

To stay ahead in this world, it is more important than ever to work together with talented entrepreneurs who have developed innovative products and services, ones that enable us to help our customers and to make the Netherlands a little safer, sustainable and enjoyable.

Mutual advantage
We believe that these start-ups can be of considerable significance for us – and vice versa. That is why we offer not only access to growth capital through our investment fund KPN Ventures, but also access to our expansive knowledge of ICT technology, marketing and sales, as well as our extensive network of business partners and clients. This lets these innovative businesses scale up and mature even more quickly, not to mention the fact that their creativity and short time-to-market can also improve our products.

We invest – directly or indirectly – in proven and scalable innovative products and applications related to the Internet of Things, Connected Home, Cyber Security, eHealth, Cloud Services and Data & Analytics solutions.

We believe in outside-in innovation through collaboration with the entire ecosystem. After all, a positive and innovative start-up climate is to everyone’s benefit: entrepreneurs, our portfolio companies, our partners, customers, ourselves, as well as Dutch society as a whole.

“KPN operates in a market permeated with technological developments in which there is much to be gained by working together with entrepreneurial, talented individuals and investing in innovative companies”

foto Herman Kienhuis (Director KPN Ventures) Herman Kienhuis (Director KPN Ventures)

KPN Ventures

Established in: 2015
Fund size: 70 million
Director: Herman Kienhuis
Goal: To promote outside-in innovation, create strategic collaborations with innovative technology companies and to generate a healthy return on invested capital.

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