Our Technology Labs make innovation tangible and concrete

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Innovation for the sake of innovation. That’s not our approach. What we do believe in is innovation that makes millions of customers happy and, above all, provides convenience on a daily basis. This pursuit of the innovations of tomorrow has been at the foundation of our KPN Technology Labs since its establishment.

Innovation does not just happen; genuine innovation requires hard work, discipline and structure. It entails more than generating ideas alone. After all, a good idea does not make the difference, whereas a concrete and user-tested application does.

Our KPN Technology Labs are fully aware of this. Recently announced or introduced services like Voice over LTE, LoRa and Voice over WiFi were devised and developed years ago at KPN Technology Labs.

Field Labs
The KPN Technology Labs is a group of multidisciplinary Telecommunication Labs comprising smart minds from not only KPN, but also customers, developers and suppliers. Side-by-side with the entire ecosystem, we develop ideas into concrete solutions that we then test directly among a wide audience in our Field Labs.

Amsterdam Innovation Center
We prefer to set up these test environments at our partners, such as the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center, established in collaboration with TNO and Amsterdam ArenA. In this testing ground for innovation, we develop and test clever technological inventions like parking sensors.

5Groningen consortium
In North Groningen, we are researching an ultrafast 5G Internet network together with TNO, Huawei and Ericsson. The Loppersum area is the first rural area in the world with this network. This new standard for mobile Internet is faster than 4G, but also makes it possible for larger numbers of devices to be connected to the network at the same time.

Contact us
Want to learn more about KPN Technology Labs or contact us? Read more about our projects or send an e-mail to Perry Jackson, Director of Technology Labs.

KPN Technology Labs

Established in: 2015
Director: Perry Jackson
Goal: KPN Technology Labs aims to make innovations tangible and concrete by combining technical experimentation with existing network infrastructures and by developing new technologies.
Examples of innovations: Voice over LTE, LoRa, Voice over WiFi, 5G Internet (test phase).

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