Innovation gives meaning to technology

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Innovation gives meaning to technology KPN solutions help the Netherlands progress. They facilitate a more efficient working system, less energy consumption or a safer digital infrastructure. Each and every day, we examine the new role our technology can play in the social themes of today and tomorrow.

We may not always be aware of it, but we live in special times. New technological applications become available almost daily that help us make life a little better. Some of these are very apparent, others are not – like sensors that continuously measure the solidity of dikes, street lights that switch on when someone passes them or the possibility for heart patients to once again enjoy greater freedom because their heart rate is automatically monitored remotely by a medical unit.

Before we know it, everything and everyone will be connected. This gives us a strong foundation for letting our creativity run wild and to develop new ideas that benefit individuals – and ultimately the entire country. The technology is available, but innovation gives it meaning.

New responsibilities
The continuously expanding digital infrastructure offers opportunities, which in turn involve new responsibilities. How can you make sure that valuable data is kept safely out of reach of those with malicious intentions? When it becomes possible to measure all kinds of data on people and objects, who will be able to access that information?

The digital infrastructure has become the beating heart of our economy. KPN has taken it upon itself to keep that heart beating. This is achieved through not only protection but, above all, by developing and further expanding the network. We have been doing so since 1852, when we first introduced the Netherlands to a working telegraph connection. More than a century and a half later, we ensure that devices can jointly communicate with the LoRa network. But our belief has remained the same, namely that today’s technology forms the basis for tomorrow’s innovations.

Wild ideas
KPN New Business helped establish applications that make it more pleasant and healthier to work in an office environment. The experts at KPN Technology Labs continuously research how new technology can be used as effectively and smartly as possible in order to make our daily lives a little bit easier.

KPN is always interested in new types of collaborations and partners with inspiring visions. We link up with promising start-ups and scale-ups at an early stage through KPN Ventures, providing them with the support they need to grow, while KPN New Business focuses on young entrepreneurs and helps them develop their wild ideas into successful companies.

Faith in technology
What will the world look like five or ten years from today? No one knows for certain what the future will bring. That includes us. But KPN believes in the power of technology. That faith has prompted us to continuously explore new innovations that benefit the Netherlands. We do this together with our partners. After all, we cannot raise the Netherlands to the next level through innovation on our own.

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