Making innovation concrete together with TNO and Amsterdam ArenA

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How do you ensure that innovation moves beyond the idea stage and takes on a practical and concrete form that can be used in our daily lives?

This is the challenge being met by KPN Technology Labs together with TNO and Amsterdam ArenA and is why KPN and these partners have launched a long-term research programme. Goal: to further develop technological concepts into prototypes that we can test in our jointly established Amsterdam Innovation Center and ultimately offer new services and products to our customers.

Tiled Streaming
Another project involves working together on Tiled Streaming technology. This technology makes it possible to view real-time high resolution (UHD or even up to 15K) image captures on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Whereas video images are usually zoomed in on locally on a mobile device, Tiled Streaming offers the possibility to only send the requested zoomed-in image to a device in real time, significantly reducing the required bandwidth.

Live cameraman
Used in combination with tracking, the real-time aspect makes it possible to follow people (athletes during competitions or performers in concert) or objects (ball) and view them in high resolution on a mobile device. This lets everyone play live cameraman and zoom in on specifically those images he or she wants to see.

LTE Broadcast, also an innovation of KPN and Amsterdam ArenA, was tested successfully during the Ajax-NEC match.

Tested in the ArenA
The Tiled Streaming technology is based on a joint patent of KPN and TNO and the result of many years of research by TNO and KPN. This technology has now been demonstrated at several events in the ArenA, the largest football stadium in the Netherlands (with 53,000 seats). Presenting potential applications to a wide audience in this way provides us with immediate feedback and lets us adapt the products specifically to the preferences of our customers.

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