Making Rotterdam smarter together with our iot solutions

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The Rotterdam Zuidplein will be undergoing a ‘Smart City’ transformation in coming years. KPN plays an important role in the sustainable innovations on the agenda.

This includes smart waste containers and parking spots connected via KPN’s LoRa network, as well as intelligent energy management systems and heat collectors connected to the bus lane. The Rotterdam shopping centre and public transport junction of Zuidplein will be transformed over the next few years into the epitome of a Smart City, a place where smart technologies are used to tackle social challenges in an innovative manner.

The projects in which KPN is involved vary from the facilitation of flexible street lighting to the development of smart buses to make the city more liveable and sustainable.

Our LoRa network lies at the basis of all these projects. LoRa removes major barriers (costs, consumption, energy) for connecting countless devices to the Internet. In Rotterdam, we have equipped fifty parking spaces with smart parking sensors as part of a pilot project. Connecting these sensors to the Internet via our LoRa network makes it possible to guide cars to empty spaces in a highly efficient manner, a major plus for those looking for a parking space in the city centre.

Want to learn more about our LoRa network and what the network and our Internet of Things solutions can offer? Make sure to check out our complete list of projects.

European Commission

The transformation to a smart city is being made possible in part thanks to the European Commission, which has invested close to 18 million euros in the European Smart City project ‘Ruggedised’, 5.4 million euros of which are earmarked for smart projects in the Hart van Zuid city centre. As a member of the consortium, we have developed innovative sustainability measures together with other companies (including Ballast Nedam, RET, ENECO, Futureinsight, Erasmus University, TNO and Uniresearch).

KPN aims to bring together the business community, government agencies and knowledge institutions in order to develop innovations that help the Netherlands progress. Want to learn more? Send an e-mail to subsidie@kpn.com.

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