Keeping children safe online with Mybee

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Nowadays, children play with computers and tablets almost from birth. But the Internet is not only fun and exciting. To keep them safe online, we developed the child-friendly browser and app Mybee.

At KPN, we want to allow children to learn about and enjoy all the benefits of the Internet. At the same time, we are fully aware that many parents are concerned about what their children may encounter online. That is why we created the child-friendly Internet browser Mybee together with Stichting Mijn Kind Online in 2009. Seven years later, children are using the Internet at an even younger age. Laptops are also being replaced more and more often by tablets. That is why Mybee has been adapted to the littlest ones, with an app developed for tablets.

Helping children discover instead of being told
Mybee helps young children take their first steps online, not by telling them what they can’t do, but by showing them what they can do. This lets them discover the online world in a fun and educational manner – and within safe boundaries.


Mybee was developed, updated and tested together with children and parents. A professional editorial team with a background in education is responsible for continuous updates. The project also receives financial support from The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Thanks to this subsidy, we can research together with universities how children use the app and how this affects the relationship between parent and child.

KPN aims to bring together the business community, government agencies and knowledge institutions in order to develop innovations that help the Netherlands progress. Want to learn more? Send an e-mail to subsidie@kpn.com.

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