Together with Actility, we can help the Internet of Things move forward

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KPN wants to do its part to help establish an Internet of Things ecosystem in the Netherlands and our partnership with Actility is in perfect keeping with this goal.

We are the first ICT telecom provider to introduce a nationwide network specifically for IoT applications: LoRa. This is a new type of technology that connects devices that send small amounts of data over long distances to the Internet. LoRa will make it possible in the future for millions of devices that use very little power and data to connect to the Internet in a cost-efficient manner. In many cases, a brief message with little data (only a few dozen bytes) is enough to be informed about the situation regarding, for example, the well-being of dairy cows, the saturation levels of dikes or whether a waste container needs emptying.

But we did not create LoRa alone. We did this with the help of the French company Actility, an organisation in which KPN Ventures acquired a minority interest in 2015, long before our LoRa network went live. This Parisian company was established in 2010 by Olivier Hersent and specialises in network and platform applications for the Internet of Things market.

Energy market
Our capital injection enables Actility to further market the ThingPark, its open standard IoT network solutions, customer services and partner network. In addition to rolling out the IoT networks worldwide, Actility has also been successfully active in the energy market for several years, so new partnerships in this area are a logical next step. The water sector is one of the first focal areas.

Want to learn more?
Here you can read more about how we connect everything and everyone through the Internet of Things and our LoRa network.

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