KPN Ventures invests in mobile ECG provider Personal MedSystems

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KPN Ventures has invested in Personal Medsystems GmbH, a German maker of mobile heart-monitoring services. The investment is in line with KPN Venture’s strategy to invest in digital health initiatives and build partnerships that bring ICT innovations to the Dutch market.

Aided by mobile technology, self-monitoring is on the rise, both for preventive purposes and to optimize treatment of diagnosed patients. Personal MedSystems is tapping into that trend with the development of CardioSecur®, a smartphone-based ECG device that gives instant feedback on possible heart failure symptoms when and wherever they occur and shows the user a recommendation on what to do next.

The company was founded in 2008 by Dr. Markus Riemenschneider and Felix Brand. They worked with cardiologists and leading hospitals in Germany to develop the certified CardioSecur device, which provides a clinical-grade ECG and actionable feedback. CardioSecur is very simple to use, also by general practitioners and by people at home.

Herman Kienhuis, managing director KPN Ventures, says: “We see great potential for digital and mobile technologies to improve the quality of healthcare while reducing the cost. Personal MedSystems has developed such an innovation bringing great value to people suffering from heart problems and to cardiologists. In addition to financially supporting its growth, KPN will help Personal MedSystems in bringing CardioSecur to the Dutch market as well.”

KPN Ventures is lead investor in a financing round into Personal MedSystems totalling EUR 5 million. Besides KPN Ventures, other investors in this round include the Sino-German High-Tech Fund and the NRW-Bank. Existing shareholders in the company, Seventure Partners and High-Tech Gründer Fund, also participated in the round. Personal MedSystems will use the capital to finance future growth and innovation.

Improving the quality of healthcare through ICT

KPN believes innovative ICT solutions can contribute significantly to improving healthcare services, lowering their cost to society and increasing people’s autonomy even in the face of illness or old age.

In this respect, the majority of general practitioners and pharmacies in the Netherlands already make use of KPN’s E-Zorg network to communicate in a safe and confidential manner about patients and their healthcare services. In the field of monitoring at a distance, KPN’s remote heart monitoring-service enables patients to do an ECG at home and share it with health care professionals – saving time and travel for routine check-ups while allowing for follow-up if needed. Already more than 2,200 general practitioners make use of this monitoring service resulting in approximately 14,000 remote ECG’s annually.

About Personal MedSystems
There are 200 million people worldwide with cardiac symptoms. The severity and frequency of these symptoms are not always indicative of the potential associated risk. However, swift action is needed if critical cardiac events occur. Individuals are often on their own to decide what may be a serious event and what to do about it.

Capturing a symptomatic event when it occurs and providing individuals with a profound medical trigger to act when a serious event strikes lie at the heart of our enterprise. The founders created Personal MedSystems in 2008 to bring their idea of a small, smartphone-based, but uniquely pro-found, ECG device with a trigger to act to life: CardioSecur.
www.cardiosecur.com | twitter.com/CardioSecur 

About KPN Ventures
KPN Ventures is the venturing arm of KPN, The Netherlands’ leading telecom & ICT company. KPN Ventures aims to create value-creating partnership with innovative European technology companies providing access to capital, expertise, network and customer channels. It focuses early growth-stage investments in European technology companies in the segments: Internet of Things, Connected Home, Digital Health, Cyber Security, Mobile/OTT services, Cloud Computing and Data & Analytics. KPN Ventures has its main office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and has invested in a.o. Actility, EclecticIQ, SecurityMatters and Viloc.
www.kpnventures.com | twitter.com/kpnventures

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