Together helping the Netherlands progress

The KPN network covers our entire country. This intricate infrastructure offers endless possibilities for innovations that bring greater freedom, joy and convenience to life. Our network is the basis of the Netherlands of tomorrow.

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The Technology Book: the 13 most important trends

In the Technology Book from KPN, our experts discuss the 13 most important technology trends of tomorrow.

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Start-up Events: we would like to meet you here

We have lined up a series of events for the next month to keep up with the fast pace of the startup community.

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These are our themes

Internet of Things

The power of connected devices

Innovation is synonymous with the Internet of Things (IoT), a world in which everyone and everything is connected with the Internet and information is shared by all Things. We strongly believe that the IoT can make the Netherlands a better place. We have created an additional network to facilitate this called LoRa.

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Smart Home & Smart City

Smart connections – anytime, anywhere

Our homes and cities are not only becoming ‘smarter’, but also safer, more efficient and more sustainable. And the entire country benefits from our Smart Home & Smart City services.

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How technology makes care more efficient and accessible

Our eHealth applications enable us to keep care affordable and accessible for both patients and care providers. We work together with the sector to improve care for all of the Netherlands.

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Cyber Security

Safety is the basis of all activities

Technology and safety are inextricably linked. But safety is coming under increasing pressure in this digital age. We cannot and will not let that happen.

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Working wherever and whenever you want

The border between our work and private lives is fading rapidly and the concept of a regular workplace has had its day. That is why we help our fellow countrymen with innovative Cloud solutions that let them work whenever and wherever they desire.

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The KPN approach to innovation

KPN Ventures

Since we cannot create a better, more sustainable and safer Netherlands alone, KPN invests in promising start-ups and scale-ups. This way, everyone benefits.

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KPN New Business

We need to work together in order to get ahead. That is why KPN New Business joins forces with promising technology companies to develop the innovations of tomorrow.

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KPN Technology Labs

Innovation often starts with an idea to make life better, safer, more affordable or more practical. KPN Technology Labs helps make these ideas come to life.

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Our Projects

KPN works to achieve technological advancement throughout the Netherlands. Together with partners, we carry out unique projects that break new ground. Read more about a selection of noteworthy projects below.

Making Rotterdam smarter together

We bring together the business community, government agencies and knowledge institutions in Rotterdam. With the support of the European Commission, together we create the Smart City of the future.

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Fun for kids, safe for parents

Having kids explore the Internet in a fun and safe way. That’s the idea behind Mybee. Our innovative child-friendly browser points children in the direction of safe and high-quality websites that have been compiled by parents.

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Investing in the future together

In 2012, we invested in Jasper Wireless. This created added value for our customers and resulted in structural investments in a better Netherlands.

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